New Zealand General Service Medal 2002 (Afghanistan)

The New Zealand General Service Medal 2002 (Afghanistan) was awarded to New Zealand personnel who have served in Afghanistan from December 2001. The medal recognises service in either the Primary Operational Area (Afghanistan itself), or in the Secondary Operational Area (other areas where supporting operations are based).

The New Zealand General Service Medal 2002 (NZGSM 2002) was established to recognise the service of New Zealand Defence Force and civilian personnel in operations since 1 January 2000. Specific campaign service is denoted by different ribbon designs. Two ribbons were issued for use with the NZGSM 2002 (Afghanistan): the Primary Operational Area ribbon is green with central stripes of black and red, while the Secondary Operational Area ribbon has the addition of a narrow light blue stripe on either edge. Black, red and green are the colours of the Flag of Afghanistan. Black represents the past, red for blood shed in the fight for independence, and green represents hope. The light blue edges for the secondary operational area ribbon represents service at sea and in the air in the areas surrounding Afghanistan.