CLAPHAM, William Henry

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Name:  Clapham  William Henry
Rank:  Captain, Naval Artillery Volunteers Service Number:  
Date Joined:  February 1882 Date Discharged:  1898

William Clapham was born in Wellington around 1850, and moved to Wanganui in 1874. He worked in various positions  including the mercantile marine, as a purser, and as a bookkeeper. In February 1882 he was elected as a Sub Lieutenant of the Wanganui Naval Artillery Volunteers (NAV), a militia like organisation, being promoted to Captain in 1886, as its commander, holding the role till its disbandment in 1898. The Wanganui NAV was formed in 1881 in response to the confrontation at Parihaka. 


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Medal Description (Left to Right):  
  • Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration - Awarded to officers of auxiliary forces everywhere except in India for 20 years commissioned service. Service in the ranks counting half and service in West Africa counting double.
  • Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal - Awarded for 20 years service in the ranks, West African service counting double.
  • New Zealand Long and Efficient Service Medal - Awarded for 16 years continuous or 20 years non continuous service in the Volunteer and Permanent Militia Forces of New Zealand.