CORBIN, Lorelle Henderson, MBE

Display Number:  1601  
Name:  Corbin  Lorelle Henderson
Rank: First Officer, Women's Royal New Zealand Naval Service Service Number:  
Date Joined:  October 1942 Date Discharged:  1963

Lorelle Corbin joined the Women's Royal New Zealand Naval Service (WRNZNS) in October 1942 as a Clerk/Typist, being granted a commission as a 4th Officer in August 1943, assigned to duty in the Auckland area. In 1945 when assigned as a Personal Assistant to the Chief of Naval Staff in Wellington she was promoted to 3rd Officer. In 1946 she was the commander of the WRNZS contingent to the Victory Parade in London, at the end of that year the WRNS was disbanded. However when they were reformed in 1947 she rejoined, being promoted to the rank of 2nd Officer. She was appointed Director of the WRNZS, based in Wellington in 1954, with the promotion to 1st Officer, serving in this role till her retirement in 1963. In 1956 she was appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her service to the RNZN and women in the navy.


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Medal Description (Left to Right):  
  • Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - Was established by King George V in June 1917 for services to the British Empire. In December 1918 the Order was split into two divisions: Civil division for civilian recipients; and a military division for distinguished service in action. The insignia of the award from both divisions is identical, distinguished only by their ribbons. The rose-gray ribbon with narrow pearl grey stripes shows it was awarded from 1936 onward under the military division of the award. 
  • War Medal - Awarded across the British Commonwealth to all fulltime members of the Armed Force for 28 days service between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945 irrespective of where they were serving. On one side is an effigy of King George VI. On the reverse is a lion trampling on a dragon symbolising the Axis powers. The ribbon is the red, white and blue of the (British) Union Flag.
  • New Zealand War Service Medal - Awarded for 28 days' full time service or six months' part time service in any of the New Zealand Armed Forces, the New Zealand National Military Reserve or the Home Guard between 3 September  1939 and 2 September 1945. Eligible part time Home Guard Personnel must have completed their six months' part time service between 16 August 1940 and 1 January 1944 (the Home Guard was disbanded in December 1943). It was the first distinctively 'New Zealand' war service medal, which was emphasised by the use of the fern leaf motif on the suspender and the reverse of the medallion, and the national colours of black and white on the ribbon.
  • Bow for wear by ladies for the Member of the Order of the British Empire Decoration.