BURROWS, Emily "Ma"

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Name:  Burrows  Emily "Ma"
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After the death of her son, Mrs Burrows channelled her grief into the care of the sailors stationed at the Devonport Naval Base. Every Sunday, 'Ma Burrows' as she became known by men of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy, would visit the base bringing with her flowers, fruit and sweets for her 'boys'. Eventually everyone, from the Commodore down to the newest recruit, was acquainted with Mrs Burrows. By the time of her death 'Ma' Burrows had transcended her civilian status and had adopted a quasi-military one. In life she was awarded honourary medals for her service to the men of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy; in death she was accorded a "naval" funeral service and burial, the cost of paid by sailors, which included the sounding of the last post.


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Medal Description (Left to Right):  
  • Medallion - Medallion presented to "Ma" Burrows by HMS Veronica. It is attached to a Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal ribbon.
  • Brooch - Given to "Ma" Burrows by HMS Dunedin.
  • Royal Naval Temperance Society Badge