LE ROY, Emilius

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Name:  Le Roy  Emilius Pierre
Rank:  Captain Commandant Service Number:  
Date Joined:  1868 (Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers) Date Discharged:  1889

Emilius Le Roy was born on Guernsey in the Channel Isles in 1827 and trained to become a fully qualified sailmaker. He joined the Royal Navy before immigrating to New Zealand, arriving on 11 February 1850, age 22.

In 1852, Le Roy took command of a schooner, the Iliomama, trading between Sydney and Auckland. Later that year he began a successful sailmaking business based in Auckland. 

Le Roy joined the Auckland City Rifles (a volunteer militia to help defend Auckland) in 1857. Although he did outpost duty, he was never in actual engagement and did not qualify for the New Zealand War Medal. He had reached the rank of Lieutenant when, in 1868, the City Rifles were disbanded. He transferred to the newly formed Naval Volunteers, working his way up from Private to Captain by 1871. During the Russian scare of the 1880s he commanded the six corps of the Auckland Naval Division. By 1889, when new regulations caused Captain Le Roy to reluctantly go upon the retired list, he was the senior commandant in New Zealand.

 Le Roy died on 30 December 1905.


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Medal Description (Left to Right):  
  • Volunteer Officer's Decoration - Basic qualification was 20 years commissioned service in the Volunteer Force, a precursor of the Territorial Army, non commissioned service counting half.
  • New Zealand Long and Efficient Service Medal pre 1917 - Awarded for 16 years continuous or 20 years non continuous service in the Volunteer and Permanent Militia forces of New Zealand