HORNE, Dennis

Display Number:  Grapple  
Name:  Horne  Dennis
Rank:  Leading Telegraphist Service Number:  D/JX216858 (Royal Navy), NZ13839 (Royal New Zealand Navy)
Date Joined:  1st July 1940 (Royal Navy), 29th May 1952 (Royal New Zealand Navy) Date Discharged:  3rd March 1946 (Royal Navy), 28th May 1958 (Royal New Zealand Navy)

Dennis Horne joined the Royal Navy in 1940, serving in the majority of his time in shore bases before leaving the service in 1946 with the rank of Temporary Leading Telegraphist. He joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1952 as a Telegraphist. He served in shore bases, a patrol craft, and the frigates HMNZS Hawea and Rotoiti, during which he was present at Operation Grapple, the British hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific. Horne left the RNZN in 1958 with the rank of Leading Telegraphist. 


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