Display Number:  0606  
Name:  Crawford  J "Jas"
Rank:  Ordinary Seaman Service Number:  
Date Joined:   Date Discharged:  

Little is known of Ordinary Seaman Crawford apart from that he served in the Royal Navy during the 1853-56 Russian or Crimean War. He received a medal for service in the Baltic as part of the ship's company of HMS Trafalgar and also served in the Black Sea in operations around Sebastopol. In addition he received a medal from the Turkish Government.


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Medal Description (Left to Right):  
  • Baltic Medal on Crimea Medal ribbon with Sebastopol Clasp - The Baltic Medal is granted to officers and men of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines for operations against Russia in the Baltic at the same time as the war in the Crimea.
  • Crimea Medal on Baltic Medal ribbon - The Crimea Medal is awarded to participants in the most famous actions of the Crimean War - the Thin Red Line and the Charge of the Light and Heavy Brigades.
  • Turkish Crimea Medal - Instituted by the Sultan of Turkey, this medal was conferred on troops of the three Allies who fought in the Crimea. The obverse types differed in the arrangement of the flags, corresponding with the inscription in English, French or Italian in the exergue. Although the medals were intended to be issued to British, French and Sardinian troops respectively, they were issued haphazardly due to most of the British version being lost at sea.

Note: The Baltic Medal and Crimea Medal have been mounted on the opposite ribbons. This is believed to be how it was originally mounted by the recipient/family.